Switzerland vs Italy: Predictions Round of 16 Euro 2024

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Switzerland vs Italy

Switzerland vs Italy are set to face off in the 1/8 finals of the European Championship in Germany. The game is scheduled to take place at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. I’m uncertain about the success of the Swiss team. They’re in for a challenging match.

Switzerland vs Italy

Italy’s Group Stage Performance

Italy showed a mixed performance in the group stage of the Euro. Although the national team fell just short of claiming the top spot in the quartet, they were able to achieve their main objective by reaching the play-offs and securing an acceptable second place finish. However, numerous inquiries surround Spalletti’s team and their performance in the game. The Azure Army displayed an uninteresting performance against all opponents, struggling to generate any meaningful attacks. The team heavily depends on goalkeeper Donnarumma, who, through his exceptional saves, secured the team a spot in the playoffs.

Italy’s lack of control in the game against the Spanish was apparent in various aspects. The opponents were in complete control, generating numerous opportunities. Spalletti’s team was unable to provide a response. During the third round, Croatia proved to be a formidable opponent for the Italians, causing them significant difficulties. The team put up a strong fight and had several opportunities. However, Italy managed to secure the only goal right at the end, preventing a loss.

Switzerland’s Group Stage Performance

Switzerland seemed even somewhat better against the Italians. The standout moment was its 1-1 draw with Germany in the final group stage match. Indeed, at that point, the Germans lacked any particular motivation and decided to deploy a second squad. However, the Swiss faced significant challenges, yet they managed to hold their ground against a formidable foe.

In other matches, Murat Yakin’s team performed well – they defeated Hungary (3:1) and managed to avoid a loss against Scotland (1:1) in a closely contested game. The Swiss national team boasts a wealth of seasoned players, including Shaqiri, Dzaka, and Sommer. They, naturally, assist the younger generation. Collectively, the national team demonstrates exceptional strength.

Predictions and Expectations for the Match

Based on Italy’s performance in the three rounds of the group stage, my confidence in their success is quite low. However, it is unlikely that Spalletti’s team will go down without a fight. The game is likely to be evenly matched. Maybe, the outcome will be determined through a penalty shootout. I would place my bet on a draw during the regular time.

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