These clubs are watching the Champions League from the sidelines

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Chelsea has undergone no significant changes since the new owners took over the club. They seem to be building their vision independently from the previous ownership, and the results have not been very positive. The club has brought in numerous new players on generous and long contracts, but there are concerns about how the coach manages such a large squad. 

Chelsea has struggled in the current season and is not a strong contender for a Champions League spot. Even though they showed some competition in their group, they failed to secure a place. 

Chelsea is now focusing on other European giants’ matches, dealing with their squad issues, and considering how to handle their coach, Pochettino, who hasn’t managed to place them in the top 10 despite it being early in the season.


Liverpool had a legitimate reason for missing out on the Champions League last season. They faced various challenges, including an ageing group of players in the centre of the pitch, a poor preseason, injuries to key players, and Sadio Mane’s departure. The Reds didn’t have adequate alternatives in place. 

They made a push in the Premier League to secure a top-five spot after being eliminated by Real Madrid in the 1/8 play-off finals. This season, they are focusing on rebuilding. Participating in the Europa League allows them to work on new combinations and compete for a top-three spot with less pressure.


Tottenham has made an impressive start to the season under manager Ange Postecoglou, who was tasked with building a new team after Antonio Conte’s departure. Spurs have looked sharp and sit in second place with 13 points, just behind Manchester City. 

However, they won’t be in the Champions League this season. The team struggled in the spring, leading to Conte’s criticism of the players and management and his subsequent resignation. The interim coaches couldn’t turn things around, and Tottenham finished the season poorly, missing out on the top five and being overtaken by teams like Brighton and Aston Villa.


The “Old Lady” decline has been ongoing for several years. It’s been three years since they last clinched a championship. Juventus finished fourth twice; in the previous season, they ended up in 7th place (albeit not without UEFA intervention).

Despite a promising spring in the Europa League play-offs, their previous European campaign was lacklustre. Compared to powerhouses like Paris Saint-Germain and Benfica, Torino seemed outmatched and failed to secure a single point from them. To make matters worse, even Maccabi Haifa from Israel defeated the Italians. Allegri’s Juventus is no longer reminiscent of the dazzling Juventus from 2014-2017.

However, the start of the new Serie A season has been promising for the Old Lady, with 10 points from 4 matches, including victories against Udinese, Empoli, and Lazio, as well as a draw with Bologna.

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