Messi’s Arrival: A Long-Awaited Football Idol for the MLS

Brian W.

The MLS has long been yearning for a football idol like Messi, and thanks to the efforts of Beckham and investors, Inter Miami has been built from scratch to fulfil that very wish. Tasked with lifting Inter Miami from the bottom of the table, Messi’s arrival is expected to bring success to the team.


The financial rewards for the Argentine superstar are substantial, with an additional 50 million dollars, and also include cleverly devised schemes involving all those associated with MLS. The Americans are adept at creating sports idols, and in football, there’s a vacant spot waiting to be filled.

While Messi may not run the field for the entire match, his scoring and playmaking abilities are paramount. He recently broke the last record of swimmer Phelps, illustrating that it’s not just about who is faster but who becomes the icon of their sport, and Messi embodies greatness. MLS needed a symbol of this magnitude to captivate new viewers and instil a sense of amazement in their minds.

Of course, competing with American football, especially the widely celebrated Super Bowl with over 120 million viewers, is a monumental task. However, Messi’s global fame cannot be underestimated, with the World Cup final between Argentina and France captivating a staggering 1.5 billion people worldwide. Inter Miami’s matches are already drawing attention across South America, Mexico, and Canada.

The significance of Messi’s impact on Inter Miami and American football is evident from Beckham’s emotional display of happiness after the Argentine’s successful free-kick in the opening match. Should Messi propel Inter Miami into the playoffs, it will be another stepping stone towards the success of football in the United States. The sport has garnered widespread love, especially among children and women, and MLS is primed for steady growth and careful financial management.

In contrast to the exorbitant offers from the Saudis to players like Mbappe, the US is strategically preparing the local public for the forthcoming World Cup in 2026. Messi’s transfer to Inter Miami is a testament to the success of their well-planned strategies and serves as an enticing bait to further elevate the status of football in the country.

Messi’s arrival in Inter Miami fills a long-standing void, making him the much-needed football idol in the MLS. With his exceptional talents and global popularity, Messi has the potential to elevate the sport’s status in the United States, captivating a broader audience and furthering the growth of football in the country.

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